UK Grantmaking Foundations and Racial Justice – Chief Execs Forum

Why is the forum being created? To try and accelerate the pace of meaningful action towards racial justice within UK grantmaking foundations, including our own. What is the purpose of the forum? To create a safe space for exchanging practical experience, ideas and challenges with regard to our role as leaders in promoting racial justice... Continue Reading →

These Are Exceptional Times – They Need us to Take Exceptional Measures

Most Trusts & Foundations currently formulating their short, medium and longterm responses to Covid-19 will be considering 3 things: their own likely income reduction due to falling investment capital values and returns; a desire to spend as much as they can to support people, communities and organisations suddenly in need right now – while also... Continue Reading →

Pulling in the Same Direction

Written by an autistic fundraiser & a neurotypical funder for Autism Awareness Week – before the recent escalation in the Covid-19/coronavirus crisis – this blogpost isn’t about the immediate response to the pandemic.  But it does suggest things we should consider as we develop our first response (eg equity) as well as suggesting how we... Continue Reading →

An Act of Faith

I'm interested to know what theoretical framework (or theory of change) is being applied in all of the talk, and the beginnings of action, on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) currently taking place in the charitable sector. What behavioural, social and systems change theory is being applied?  Which experts in these fields are being consulted?... Continue Reading →

What’s the Point of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? Updated

There are 6 main reasons why we should apply Diversity, Equity and Inclusion principles in everything we do.  But there are many more reasons – personal, organisational and systemic – why we don’t.  The reasons we should are: Fairness and Engagement: Embracing diversity and practising inclusion is part of our commitment to social justice and... Continue Reading →

Valuing the Right Things

I believe the charity and not-for-profit sector's membership and trade bodies have a key role to play in changing the norms and defaults that currently cause our sector to talk a lot about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion without necessarily doing very much to change. As an example of what I think membership bodies can do,... Continue Reading →

Philanthropy Reading List Part 1 – USA

Deborah Elizabeth Finn (@Deborah909) recently published a reading list on some of the current key issues in philanthropy – eg power, diversity, equity and inclusion: Almost all the resources are from the US – which is an indication of how far ahead the US is on most of these issues in comparison to the... Continue Reading →

Welcome Aboard

This is a selection of programmes, initiatives and organisations that are aimed at increasing the number of people from under-represented groups in leadership positions (trustees and directors) in the voluntary and not-for-profit sector - with a particular emphasis on people from black and minority ethnic communities. These organisations can provide ideas and assistance for voluntary... Continue Reading →

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