Valuing the Right Things

I believe the charity and not-for-profit sector's membership and trade bodies have a key role to play in changing the norms and defaults that currently cause our sector to talk a lot about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion without necessarily doing very much to change. As an example of what I think membership bodies can do,... Continue Reading →

Philanthropy Reading List Part 1 – USA

Deborah Elizabeth Finn (@Deborah909) recently published a reading list on some of the current key issues in philanthropy – eg power, diversity, equity and inclusion: Almost all the resources are from the US – which is an indication of how far ahead the US is on most of these issues in comparison to the... Continue Reading →

Welcome Aboard

This is a selection of programmes, initiatives and organisations that are aimed at increasing the number of people from under-represented groups in leadership positions (trustees and directors) in the voluntary and not-for-profit sector - with a particular emphasis on people from black and minority ethnic communities. These organisations can provide ideas and assistance for voluntary... Continue Reading →

Make Way And Shift The Power

As talk and activity around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion increases in the charity/not for profit sector - we need key indicators, targets and timescales to measure change and hold ourselves and each other to account. The Institute of Fundraising's Manifesto for Change/Change Collective Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is a good example of how it... Continue Reading →

A Broken Record

I remain puzzled about which particular gallery the Chair of the Charity Commission is playing to - or what undeclared agenda she has - in her repeated attacks on registered charities. But maybe there are some clues.  She apparently worked for the Conservative party from 1991 to 2001, tried to become a Tory MP in... Continue Reading →

Foundation Leader’s Reading Lists – No 2: Modernising Foundation Philanthropy

Institutional philanthropy (specifically trusts and foundations) has been the subject of significant criticism (though that’s not the same thing as effective scrutiny – which remains lacking) over the past 12 months.  Hoarding power, disregarding equity, degrading the environment, perpetuating inequality, lacking insight, amassing wealth, obsessed with process – are just some of the charges being... Continue Reading →

The Gathering Storm

Below is a 16 point personal action plan that I wrote shortly before Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.  Given what’s currently happening in the UK it seemed appropriate to revisit the action plan to see what I’d now change.  The answer is – only two things.  2½ years ago I thought it was enough to... Continue Reading →

Shining a Bright Light

The Social Mobility Commission's new State of the Nation 2018/19 report could act as a report card for the UK trust and foundation movement. Social mobility has stagnated over the past 4 years "at virtually all stages from birth to work": "Being born privileged in Britain means that you are likely to remain privileged. Being... Continue Reading →

Foundation Leader’s Reading Lists – No 1: Leadership

Foundation leaders may not have much time for self-reflection and self-development during normal working hours.  And, as far as I know, there is currently no professional development programme specifically for foundation directors/CEOs or chairs.  So it's likely to be up to us to organise our own development.  And a good place to start is with... Continue Reading →

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