There is now talk of voluntary sector leaders, membership associations and infrastructure bodies coming together to tackle the diversity deficit in the voluntary sector.  That’s a good start.  Here are some questions for them: (1)  What is your collective definition of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? (2)  What’s your collective “theory of change” that takes account […]

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Identity is not the cause

There is currently some criticism of the politics of identity – particularly the allegation that the urban/metropolitan political elite (and also aspects of the media) is obsessed with it – and this is contributing to a turning away from mainstream parties and politics by “ordinary” people.  For some, the focus should instead be on commonality […]

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Postcard from the Comfort Zone

I wrote the following article in July 2016 for the Association of Charitable Foundation (ACF) magazine – Trust and Foundation News.  It was a companion piece to an article written by a young woman from a visible minority ethnic community and faith – each of us giving our very different perspectives on how a shared […]

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Inertia – a timeline

Outlined below is a non-thorough but fairly representative sample of the reports I happen to remember from the last 20+ years in which the same issue has been repeatedly identified – the lack of representative Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the voluntary and community sector in the UK. I could have gone back even further […]

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In These Troubling Times

I wrote an action plan (below) shortly before Trump’s inauguration in January 2017 – but not solely in response to the election of that particular misogynistic, narcissistic, amoral sociopath.  I thought at the time that resistance to the values (or absence of them) that he personifies was vital in the face of the inequality and […]

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