Shining a Bright Light

The Social Mobility Commission’s new State of the Nation 2018/19 report could act as a report card for the UK trust and foundation movement. Social mobility has stagnated over the past 4 years “at virtually all stages from birth to work”: “Being born privileged in Britain means that you are likely to remain privileged. Being born disadvantaged, however, means that you will have to overcome … Continue reading Shining a Bright Light

Foundation Leader’s Reading Lists – No 1: Leadership

Foundation leaders may not have much time for self-reflection and self-development during normal working hours.  And, as far as I know, there is currently no professional development programme specifically for foundation directors/CEOs or chairs.  So it’s likely to be up to us to organise our own development.  And a good place to start is with the topic of leadership in the social/voluntary/not-for-profit sector. This is … Continue reading Foundation Leader’s Reading Lists – No 1: Leadership

Inertia – a timeline: Updated

This is an update of a post from March 2018 – to which I have added further evidence of how the voluntary and community sector in general – and the trust and foundation sector in particular – continues to have a problem with diversity and, in particular, race. Outlined below is a non-thorough but fairly representative sample of the reports I happen to remember from … Continue reading Inertia – a timeline: Updated

The Company We Keep

Membership organisations and trade bodies in the voluntary sector have a problem when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) – some more than others.   The Institute of Fundraising (@IoFTweets) seems to be leading the field currently (interestingly, an organisation which is 50% core funded by individual rather than organisational subscriptions) Other bodies have recently done some work on this topic – eg … Continue reading The Company We Keep

Custodians of Foundation Values

Along with Melanie Griffiths (Director of Cloudesley) and Fozia Irfan (CEO of Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation) I co-facilitated a session on Trust and Foundation Values at the 2018 annual conference of the Association of Charitable Foundations. We wrote the following article to capture and share some of the issues that the session raised – and to consider how our sector can do more to … Continue reading Custodians of Foundation Values

Trusts and foundations have a diversity deficit. Is it time for regulation to fix it?

As a member of the Association of Charitable Foundation’s working group on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (part of ACF’s Stronger Foundations programme[1]) I was invited by ACF to write a “provocation” on the topic.  I am no longer a member of the working group. This is what I wrote: As recent reports show[2], most trusts and foundations have a diversity deficit – which is an … Continue reading Trusts and foundations have a diversity deficit. Is it time for regulation to fix it?