Philanthropy Reading List Part 1 – USA

Deborah Elizabeth Finn (@Deborah909) recently published a reading list on some of the current key issues in philanthropy – eg power, diversity, equity and inclusion:

Almost all the resources are from the US – which is an indication of how far ahead the US is on most of these issues in comparison to the UK.  And the US context has many social, political, historical and cultural differences to the UK.  But we have a lot to learn from the US about how to tackle issues of inequality, lack of diversity, withholding of power, etc.

I have listed below the items from Deborah’s list which I’ve found most interesting or useful from a UK perspective*  – acknowledging that I also have a particular perspective as a white, middle class, middle aged, gay man in a leadership position in a UK foundation.

I have grouped them under some fairly arbitrary headings – although several of the resources contain content that could fit under several of the categories I’ve used.

In a second blogpost – Philanthropy Reading List Part 2 – UK – I’ve compiled a second list based on my own reading around the subjects of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, power & privilege and funding practices.

From Deborah’s List – the resources I’ve found most helpful:


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

Power and Privilege:

Grantmaking/Funding Practices:


Several of the above links are to the NonProfitAF blog by Vu Le. I’d very much support Deborah’s recommendation to follow @NonprofitAF on Twitter and read Vu Le’s blog on a regular basis:

* (Note:  Some items on Deborah’s list I couldn’t read as they are behind paywalls.)

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