Philanthropy Reading List Part 2 – UK

In this blogpost I have listed some of the resources I have found useful when thinking about how we might specifically progress issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the trust and foundation sector in the UK – with a particular emphasis on race.  Many are from UK sources and those from the US are ones which I think are particularly “transferable” to the UK context.

This post is inspired by Deborah Elizabeth Finn’s (@Deborah909) recently published reading list on some of the key current issues in philanthropy in the USA.  In an earlier blogpost I listed the resources of Deborah’s list that appeared to me to have a particular relevance to some of the issues we’re facing in the UK – where we’re still far away from the progressive revolution in philanthropy that Deborah describes as taking off in the US:  Philanthropy Reading List Part 1 – USA

Included below are some of the toolkits and other resources that I think can help us to be better funders and to make Diversity, Equity & Inclusion a fundamental operating principle in everything we do.

I aim to add to this list if I find new material that I think might be useful in the UK, and I’d also welcome other people’s suggestions for additions.

As with any reading list, I have to remind myself:  “Reading should inform action – not be a substitute for it”.



 Power and Privilege:

Grantmaking/Funding Practices:

UK organisations working on DEI in and around the voluntary and not-for-profit funding sector:

People and organisations to follow on Twitter:



Other Reports, Toolkits and Articles I Have Found Useful:

I’ve written elsewhere that toolkits aren’t enough to create change on their own:

But they do have a role to play in helping to make change happen.  We just have to want to use them.

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