Inertia – a timeline

Outlined below is a non-thorough but fairly representative sample of the reports I happen to remember from the last 20+ years in which the same issue has been repeatedly identified – the lack of representative Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the voluntary and community sector in the UK. I could have gone back even further... Continue Reading →

In These Troubling Times

I wrote an action plan (below) shortly before Trump's inauguration in January 2017 - but not solely in response to the election of that particular misogynistic, narcissistic, amoral sociopath.  I thought at the time that resistance to the values (or absence of them) that he personifies was vital in the face of the inequality and... Continue Reading →

For the Time Being

Time is a key concept in the charitable and not for profit sector.  For example, charities are encouraged to strive towards sustainability (effectively a longterm or open ended existence) on the basis that the needs they aim to tackle are themselves longterm - often complex/'wicked' - problems. Poverty and inequality - whether locally or globally... Continue Reading →


Trusts and foundations have a diversity deficit - which is an individual and collective failure.  If you have any doubt about this, the next time you go to a meeting or conference for trusts and foundations look around and ask yourself "Is this what the acceptable face of White Supremacy looks like?" There is no... Continue Reading →

Seven Cs

Funders of voluntary and not-for-profit action should individually and collectively seek to improve their practice and impact.  Organisations and networks such as the Association of Charitable Foundations and London Funders are key to this. In March 2007 I was asked to speak at the West Midlands Charitable Trusts Group’s annual general meeting – to give... Continue Reading →

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