Foundation Leader’s Reading Lists – No 1: Leadership

Foundation leaders may not have much time for self-reflection and self-development during normal working hours.  And, as far as I know, there is currently no professional development programme specifically for foundation directors/CEOs or chairs.  So it’s likely to be up to us to organise our own development.  And a good place to start is with the topic of leadership in the social/voluntary/not-for-profit sector.

This is a list of resources that offer a range of different perspectives on leadership.  None are specific to the foundation sector but they are a good starting point to help leaders develop a framework through which they will lead their organisation, its people and activities.

I suggest looking at the summary of each to select the resource that is most relevant to you now – and then dive into that one.  The others may not currently be useful – but they may come in handy another time.

Other suggestions are welcomed.

1)  Living Values (Community Links):

Because values (consciously or unconsciously) underpin everything we do:

Living Values

2)  NHS Leadership Framework:

Because leadership needs to be intentional and structured to be effective:

NHS Leadership

Click to access Leadership-Framework.pdf

3)  Clore Social leaders’ Capabilities Framework:

Because leadership in the social/voluntary sector is different (not special – but distinct from leadership in other sectors):

Clore Social Leadership a

4)  Social Change Project (Sheila McKechnie Foundation):

Because leadership in our sector is about creating positive change with all the tools available:

Social Change Project

Click to access SMK_SocialChangeProject_Digital-Pages.pdf

5)  Seven Levels of Consciousness (Barrett Values Centre):

Because our sector and its leadership should be rooted in clear progressive values and should challenge acts and systems based on regressive values:

Barrett Values Centre

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